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Our team helps you tell your story to the right person at the right time to help grow your business. We are creative, precise, analytic and together craft marketing solutions that work.

When someone tells a good story you can’t put down the book, turn off the tv, walk away from the movie, or change the channel on your digital radio…it is just too good…it hooks you in…you can’t get away from it even if you wanted to…it is a vortex that pulls you in. Good marketing is simple. It’s a creative way to tell the story of your business to the right people through multi-media touches over and over again. It’s done in a compelling way that everyone wants to see what you have to say next. That is what Liliana Grace Media does for the businesses, clients and talent we work with daily. We help them tell their story in a compelling way that grows their business.

Is that branding? Yes! Is that media placement? Yes! Does that include digital strategies, analysis and solutions? Yes! Is that finding the right sponsorships and endorsements? Yes! What about how to develop a marketing budget? Yes! Is that coordinating every part of the marketing and promotion of a company?  Yes! Is that radio, or tv, or print?  Yes! Is that social media? Yes and Absolutely! Is it all of it? Yes…done correctly. But not every client needs every solution. Deciding which solutions make sense at the media mall is the hardest thing for a business owner to do, and yet the easiest thing for us because we understand the pros and cons.

Can clients purchase our services a la carte? Yes! But why limit your business? The best results happen when clients let us help them tell their entire story from “first page to the last”.

Meet the Team:

Meet Founder Liliana Grace

Liliana Tami Joe Grace is known for her unique ability to cut through everything and find the right message and the right solutions, and bring them to fruition for a client. It is a common practice to hear our clients say, “how did she just come up with that? It’s perfect!” Liliana brings a unique perspective and powerful ability to help organizations attain the growth they seek. Her ability to create unique strategies, creative concepts and campaigns, and then place them in the right medium is truly incomparable. Through strategic marketing and promotional connections, a business marketing message is delivered in all the right ways. She believes it isn’t a matter of budget. Success in marketing is a matter of strategy, the proper utilization of it, and truly doing your best work.

Her unmatched work ethic can be attributed to her parents and being raised in small town Iowa. She works by the motto: “We don’t stop at 5pm. We stop when the job is done.”

A 2001 graduate of Belmont University School of Music Business, Liliana also has been trained and received certificates through the InnerMetrix Profile Assessments, C.R.M.C through the RAB, was mentored by the late Brian Klemmer, and was the founding member and co-facilitator for a national leadership development company. Liliana looks at marketing in a way you’ve never experienced. She combines marketing solutions, business realities, human behavior, and common sense to mine out your story to help you win over and over and over again. Marketing a product, service, nonprofit, a musician, singer, author, person or a service, and understanding what moves a person to make a purchase decision is what comes natural to Liliana Grace and her team. 

A strategist and marketer, Liliana also works with many social organizations that allows women to be empowered for success. The success of women’s clinics she works with across the country all experience high impact growth, including a twofold increase in client visits, 14% growth in one quarter, and a 40% increase in digital referrals for patient visits in one year, on average.

Liliana has always viewed every client as a partner and approaches them as both a coach and an advocate. Her results are remarkable and she has a proven track record of success. Every organization she’s helped enjoys growth year after year with innovative multi-channel marketing including local promotions, radio, and digital strategies. Liliana’s digital marketing strategies and consultations have also increased corporate growth for major corporations in Des Moines, Nashville and beyond.

KC Rawlings-Church – COO

KC was born and raised in Iowa and is certainly no stranger to hard work. She thinks quickly on her feet, is able to roll with whatever comes her way and tackle it head on. Creating systems and processes that will get the job done comes naturally to her. Over her career, she has worked with several organizations, in various industries, creating and implementing systems and processes, understanding the uniqueness of personality styles and educating others on how to utilize their strengths to impact the organization positively. KC is also unique in her skilled ability to train a team on how to implement right processes and prepare for growth. When an organization is ready and looking for a way to grow, her unique eye for seeing opportunities that can move an organization forward are what make her a great asset not only to LGM, but to every client we serve. Her skills for analyzing current processes, visualizing gaps and solutions, and then creating processes and procedures help organizations run efficiently and effectively saving time and money.

KC is truly in her element when there are many plates spinning in different directions at once so that she can step back, look at the big picture, and make it all work together. She supports and builds most processes currently in place for Liliana Grace Media. KC is the glue. She provides oversight of the day-to-day operations and keeps our client campaigns and strategies running correctly and on time.

She’s a firm believer that systems support the PROCESS, that supports the PEOPLE, that supports the BUSINESS.

Jodi Aldag – Account Services

Stephanie Ham – Accounting

Lance Thompson – SrSEO, Web & Digital Strategist

For more than 25 years, Lance Thompson has been helping clients leverage technology to grow their businesses. Lance started building websites for clients in 1993, a mere 2 years after the internet was made public to the world.

As owner or co-owner of 3 different website development and marketing agencies, Lance has worked with hundreds of clients from around the world to develop strategic digital and traditional marketing strategies to help grow their businesses.

Lance has worked with many types of businesses including B2B, B2C and non-profit organizations.

Lance’s expertise includes strategic marketing planning, branding, digital marketing, website design, digital advertising, SEO (search engine optimization), social media strategies, lead generation, graphic design, and more, all designed around achieving the client’s goals.

He lives in Des Moines, Iowa with his wife and 3 kids.