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Promotion & Event Strategy

Promo and Event Strategy

Proper planning, execution and marketing are required for a great event! LGM has worked with organizations and nonprofit media outlets to plan, execute and organize events of all sizes.

We can help you in the following areas: 

  • Event Planning
  • Talent Acquisition and Booking
  • Sponsorships for funding the event
  • Marketing Materials and Strategy

Liliana Grace Media helped our company to create and grow an event from the ground level and ultimately turn it into one of our largest, most successful events year after year. Liliana assisted in not only event marketing, but event management, promotion, and execution. Thank you!

Kyle Davy, Chief Revenue Office Iowa Wolves

What makes us different?

We fix what others break. Have you worked with another agency or consultant and been promised the world and gotten a tent under the bridge? First, let me say I am sorry. Marketing is a beautiful, exciting and fun process when done right. Your business will grow if you create the right strategies. It requires proper upfront conversations, establishing goals and working together. You tell us what success looks like for you, and we will deliver results. If we can’t, we will tell you before we begin. Throughout the entire process we monitor your results daily, weekly and monthly. You will be happy. We promise. Not sure? Talk about us behind our back with our clients. We are confident they love us so go ahead and reach out to them before you contact us if you have any questions! I know they would love to talk to you!

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