Virtual CMO

An Executive Level Marketing Officer is More Affordable Than You Think!

Virtual CMO

Marketing used to be something you could dual purpose. Someone in the office could “multi-task” and handle it. With today’s ever changing landscape and the thousands of messages we are bombarded with, it is easy to bleed money and see no results. What’s worse is to hire someone internally that you can afford but isn’t really qualified. What if that budget could allow you to hire a top tier CMO? Would you be interested? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the expertise working on your behalf to develop strategy, reports and a plan that works? A Chief Marketing Officer that not only understands marketing and digital media, but also is fluent in business and human behavior defines Liliana Grace. Liliana Grace and her team can provide this role for you! So let the sales team go back to selling, the HR department go back to what they do best, and you can run the company. A highly qualified top tier Virtual CMO is exactly the solution you are looking for!

The benefits to hiring an outside or Virtual CMO are endless, but we should probably list a few for you to take notice of.

  • Affordable
  • Team of people working and thinking on your behalf vs. one person
  • No payroll taxes or benefits to pay for
  • No turnover or training a new employee required
  • Not having to pay for an employee to remain current on the latest changes and trends in marketing
  • Retention is higher
  • Cost efficient
  • Time Efficient
  • Consistency
  • Outside perspective able to be honest and provide unbiased thoughts
  • Experienced in a multitude of tactics, strategies, locations, and industries. Knowledge is not bound to a single “type” or discipline
  • All the benefits – none of the hassle

Would you love to have a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) but it just isn’t in the budget? Outsourcing is the most popular and efficient way to accomplish having more than an agency. It provides your business a team member who reviews and manages your marketing plans, monitors your marketing budget, and reports to you and the leadership team. We can provide comprehensive CMO services.  Please contact us for more information.

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