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Website Development & SEO

Website Development

Your website is the online front door of your business. This is the entry point for most of your current and potential customers. How do you get them to interact with you? What kind of experience do they have finding you? How do they feel once they arrive? How are you inviting them to do business with you? Does your current website accurately reflect your business and the experience you want customers to have?

We will work with you to define the core functionalities necessary for your site. Your new website will be developed based on your marketing goals combined with the needs of clients coming to your site, while honoring your desired user experience. Your website should be a pleasant experience that leads consumers to want to engage with your business. At a minimum, your website should be current, responsive, simple to navigate, create sales funnels, and be Search Engine friendly! You need more than a pretty face. You need the back end to support you and be created with a solid SEO strategy in mind.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

You wouldn’t ignore your light bill would you? You can’t ignore SEO. Search Engine Optimization is critical for being found in the sea of organic searches,  specifically Google, Yahoo! and Bing. SEO is exactly what it sounds like – it is optimizing your owned media, particularly your website, to get your business considered in the search and buy process…CONSISTENTLY! Improve the organic volume and quality of traffic to your website.

Search engine optimization isn’t a one-size fits all solution. Just like anything, the more time you put into it, the more you get out of it. The most important part of SEO is to do it. Without basic SEO, it won’t be long before you risk becoming invisible to those searching for your services. Good SEO work will do the following for your business:

  • Improve Website Visibility on major search engines to improve traffic
  • Generate leads from natural search traffic
  • Build sustainable long term natural search ranking
  • Maximize natural search brand visibility
  • Improve Quality of Content with content recommendations as necessary
  • Research on keywords, finding the best keywords that describe your business and services to provide prominence, density, and proximity
  • Work on Title Tags, Meta Tags, ALT tags, URL Structure, Relevant Keywords, Quality of Content, Site Maps, Site Popularity, Site Speed
  • Off-page optimization includes external work to maximize performance in search engines, back linking which requires hands on-work, search engine submissions, social bookmarking, directory submissions uploading of comments and reviews when available
  • Business information monitoring to ensure they stay current
  • Enhanced Listings Detailed Categories:  49% of searches are unbranded, add categories to increase visibility with potential customers.
  • Add Rich Location Information to Every Local Search: Name, Address, Phone Website, Email, Offers, Hours, Photos

Search Engine Optimization Packages:

Essentials Plan
  • Competitive Ranking & Analysis for success, links, most used keywords, spend and effectiveness
  • Inbound link acquisition work from reputable sources and quality opportunities
  • Optimize website content for search engine ranking
  • Setup and submit and maintain site maps, google search console, Bing webmaster tools, Google My Business and directories as appropriate
  • Optimize title tags, meta tags, image alt text
Standard Plan

All of the Essentials plus:

  • Brand building on relevant sites so you can contact you without ever visiting your website
  • Suggest optimizations on the onsite content on the website to attract searches
  • Optimize title tags, meta tags, image alt text – Up to 250 of each
Premium Plan

All of the Essential & Standard Items plus:

  • Reputation Monitoring in depth looking for negative reviews, request, information, quotes, etc.
  • Content writing to support optimization and attract searches
  • Optimize title tags, meta tags, image alt text – up to 500 of each (double of the standard package)
Most Complete!

Each package comes with a set number of hours to accomplish the tasks outlined. You may find that certain strategies are helping performance and want to increase your hours or package. Those areas might be link building, increased directory assistance or other things unique to your organization. You can adjust your package as needed or purchase additional hours. You can purchase additional SEO hours as needed. 

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